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Personal Wellness Coaching

Personal wellness coaching and small group fitness training take place in a park, your home/yard, on occasion my personal studio or live on-line through Zoom. No big box gyms, no intimidating equipment or other people.  Just you and I (and maybe a friend or family member to join you).    

Personal wellness coaching is just that, personal!  There is no one size fits all approach to fitness.  You are the expert about YOU!   I am your guide, your partner and your coach.  We will work together to achieve your goals.  I am passionate about experiencing the journey to wholeness and experiencing all the bumps along the way.  It is my job to ask the right questions, to listen, to collaborate and co-create a plan that is best for YOU to live a more fulfilling life.  Investing your time and money into the process of becoming the YOU that is what you want and deserve will be one of the best decisions you will ever make.


If you have a couple friends or family that want to join then small group training is a great option.   These classes combine efficient circuit training routines that covers the major muscle group and bursts of cardio.  Working out in a group setting is a fun way to exercise, make friends, and have accountability.   You set the intensity and pace that works for your body.   

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