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Below is a brief list of workshops titles I have created and presented. This is not an exhaustive list and I would be happy to create and customize a workshop that fits your needs.

A New Take On Leadership: Co-Creating a New Future from Traditional To Emergence

Building Cultural Humility with the LGBTQ+ Community

Choose All Of Us: Moving Beyond Tolerance Towards True Inclusion 

Compassion in Action: Honoring Our Differences and Deepening Our Compassion 

Creating Positive Spaces For LGBTQ+ Youth

Cultural Humility and Responsiveness in Working with LGBT+ Communities: A Primer For Criminal Justice Professionals ​

Ending LGBTQ+ Invisibility In Health Care: Foundational Concepts of the LGBTQ+ Experience for Health Care Providers  

Finding Common Ground and Building Values Bridges - Effective Messaging and Issue Framing For Social Change

Foundational Concepts of the LGBTQ+ Experience

From Vision To Action - Creating Social Change One Story At A Time, One Person At Time

Giving Voice To LGBTQ+ Older Adults

Humanizing Our Work Through Courageous Conversations

"I Treat Everyone the Same – I Don’t See Race Or Gender":  Changing Our Culture with Humility And Courage 

The Gifts of Being Queer: Creating a New Narrative of Wellbeing for the LGBTQ+ Community


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