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Tai Chi Flow


Imagine... moving to the rhythm of modern music, a group gliding and moving together, while body, mind and breath come together as One.   In this moving meditation, there is no routine or choreography to learn. With a focus on breath and honoring your body’s movements, you will experience the wonderful state of FLOW.  We will move for approximately 45 minutes with some reflection and meditation at the beginning and end of our time together. 


In our time together we will combine elements of balance, meditation, Qigong and traditional Tai Chi.  This class is an all inclusive class and everyone is welcome!  All you have to is open your mind, your breath and your heart.   Wear comfortable clothes and clear enough space to extend your arms in all directions. 

Click on a link below, follow along and experience a Tai Chi Flow class first hand!


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Tai Chi 8 and/or 24 forms (Yang Style)

The 8 form was created as a simplified version of and stepping stone to learning the longer 24 form.  Both forms are part of the Yang style of Tai Chi. The 8 form reduces the number of movements to learn allowing you time to develop a natural flow of movement.  You can do practice at home alone, or with a group.   As with all Awaken Tai Chi, 8 form and can be modified to meet your needs and abilities. This form is excellent beginners and seniors.

Tai Chi and Yoga

Enjoy the graceful, flowing and meditative movements of Yoga and Tai Chi.  This combination is perfect for non-yoga and yoga folks.  

This workout will allow your body to soften and your tai chi movements will be more relaxed just like the bamboo trees waving in the wind. Growth in tai chi can’t be forced; you have to learn to let go.  Combining tai chi and standing yoga asanas (poses) will help you extend and stretch your body and mind, like the a great tree reaching for the sky.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Juli at (509) 944-5203 or

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