What is the TaijiFit Experience?

Imagine... moving to the rhythm of modern music, a group gliding and swaying together, bodies pulsing with Qi (our life energy), while muscles, mind and breath come together as One.

TaijiFit is a body/mind workout that combines the best elements of fitness, meditation, Qigong and traditional Taiji (TaiChi).   It is a workout for any age, fitness level or level of mobility.  With a focus on breath and honoring your body’s movements, you will experience the wonderful state of FLOW.  When you engage in TaijiFit, you find yourself moving your body with the grace and confidence of the ancient Tai Chi masters who learned the secret of balancing yin and yang – strength with beauty, power with peace, endurance with flow. 


There is no routine or choreography to memorize.  Nothing to “get right.”  All you have to do is follow me and I will lead you into FLOW using the Qi Cueing method developed by International Master, David-Dorian Ross.  Qi Cueing is designed to bring your muscular, cardiovascular and nervous systems into perfect synergy (along with your mind and spirit).  TaijiFit is accessible to everyone.  All you have to is open your mind, your breath and your heart.   Juli is a certified instructor of the TaijiFit method through TaijiFit International. 


Join me and FLOW (Feel Love Over Worry).

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